Greenery, Color of 2017Pantone is the leader in selecting color palates. This year's color, Greenery, evokes images of spring and new beginnings.

Green symbolizes amiability. It is a universal symbol for ecology and  the environment. The beauty of this hue is its neutrality. As seen with flowers, green compliments any color which gives you the ultimate flexibility when using it in décor.

This plant shade may be used as a primary focus or as a lively accent to existing design in the home. Pillows, drapes and accessories are easy ways to introduce Greenery into a room. Window Treatments by Design has dozens of quality fabric books that incorporate shades of green in both solids and patterns with a variety of textures.  Let us bring you samples in the comfort of your home, or visit our studio in Hawthorn Woods.

If green is not your favorite, there are other trends outside of Pantone. Houzz has compiled a list of paint companies' top picks.

Houzz 2017 Color Picks

Houzz 2017 Top Paint Color Picks

But remember to always love your choices. We agree with Billy Baldwin who said, "Be faithful to your own taste, because nothing you like is ever out of style".


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