Value Quality & Protect the Environment, Too

Do you have a beloved piece of furniture that is starting to look shabby or outdated? Consider reupholstering! Why?

  1. UPDATE: Most Americans update their décor every five to ten years. Is your quality furniture dated or are you just tired of looking at the same things? Either way, you don't have to dump quality couches or chairs. Reupholster!
  2. RESTORE: Is your vintage furniture in good shape with exception of the fabric? Furniture that is heavy or has a solid webbed bottom, are indications of quality. Quality standards for furniture has dropped in recent decades, so don't discard, restore for a better value on your dollar.
  3. SENTIMENTALITY: Have you inherited a family heirloom? Does it bring back happy memories? Keep it for generations by reupholstering it. Not only will it continue to be functional, it will tell the story of your family.
  4. ENVIRONMENT: By fixing your existing furniture, you are minimizing your impact on landfills, energy production and use of resources. Many new fabrics & upholstery materials are "green", such as soy based foams, formaldehyde free urethanes, and have recycled components.
Quality Reupholstery Fabric

Performance Fabrics are perfect for reupholstery projects

We are also proud to introduce Revolution Performance Fabrics.

"If you have purchased upholstered furniture for your home in the past years, you may have heard the term “performance fabrics”.  Performance fabrics are not new to the textile industry, as these fabrics have been used in office and hospitality spaces for many years, better known as contract or commercial fabrics.  The construction of fabrics used in commercial settings has a tendency to be coarse and rather bland.  With that said today’s performance fabrics are designed for the family home, offer a softer hand, and come in a variety of beautiful styles, colors, and patterns".

Stain resistant for life * MADE IN THE USA * No PFCs * Easy to clean * Resists fading in sunlight * Made with upcycled fibers * Smallest carbon footprint * Exceptional durability * Kid friendly * BLEACH CLEANABLE

Reupholster your couch with Revolution Performance Fabric

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